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Multizone Failover for WordPress and Drupal - from the Filesystem to the CDN

Ari Gold

Product Manager

Mike Monan

Manager, Sales Engineering

About this webinar:

Mission-critical websites often have a hard requirement to stay  online in the event of a power or network failure, a feature commonly called “Multizone Failover”. In the past, this has inhibited adoption of an Open Source CMS. Traditionally, the architecture required to meet this requirement is  expensive and complex to set up and requires rare expertise to operate.

Pantheon is excited to announce that we are making Multizone Failover easy. We have a complete end-to-end solution — leveraging the full power of the Google Cloud, along with Fastly, our Global CDN Provider — which covers customer websites in the unlikely event of a complete zone failure. Best of all, it’s built right into our platform alongside WordPress and Drupal.

This webinar will review our architecture, how it works, and how our integrated approach from the filesystem to the CDN provides the lowest possible risk of downtime should disaster strike.

What you’ll learn:

  • Key cloud infrastructure concepts for disaster recovery
  • Metrics to use when making your own plans/policies for Multizone Failover 
  • How Pantheon’s architecture handles zone level failures
  • What to look for when comparing/contrasting various Multizone Failover solutions

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