4 Wonders of the Higher Education World

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A Dream Distribution

    How to stay flexible with a custom distribution. Have a multitude of use cases and departments? So did Weill Cornell Medical College. See how they pleased everyone.

  • Integrating 18+ Campuses

    3 reasons Multisite isn’t as awesome as it looks. Read how California State University opted out of Multisite, and saved their team 40 hours a week with faster workflows.

  • Hosting 2,000+ Sites

    How to get unsolicited compliments from developers and others at your university. The tech team at Arizona State University earned unanimous praise by deploying a custom distribution for 2,000+ sites.

  • 1 Site, 50+ Contributors

    The best way to make content updates—when you have 50+ contributors, and only two developers. See how the California College of the Arts got twice as fast at updating content.