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Introducing Multidev - Cloud Development Environments for Teams

UPDATE: Multidev was picked up by TechCrunch!

Today Pantheon is proud to announce Multidev, cloud development environments for teams.

Multidev is here!

From the first moment we showed Pantheon to developers, people have asked for the ability to run multiple dev environments. There are so many solid use-cases:

  • Developers want to prototype and feature-branch.
  • PMs want a stable environment for QA and review.
  • Content editors need a place to learn Drupal.
  • New team members need a place to test the waters without "breaking it."

We hear you, and we understand — in fact, we've architected for this possibility from the beginning — and finally it's here. Every Multidev environment is a first-class citizen of the cloud, configured the same as production, with the same software and performance characteristics, backed by the complete Pantheon stack.

Multidev takes the tried and true Pantheon workflow:

standard workflow

And opens it up for the whole team to participate:

multidev workflow

You can see a brief video introduction here:

Multidev means goodbye to wrangling with MAMP or hand-rolled dev servers, and no more stressing the differences between your development and deployment environments. No more "set up phase" in the project. You just hit "fork" and you're off and running. Everything you need to run a complete website is ready in seconds.

This is a unique capability. GitHub and its ilk are happy to help you fork, but that's code only. With Multidev, you fork the whole stack and out comes a working website. Likewise, better hosting providers can give you a "development sandbox," but not with dedicated resources or the exact same platform as production, and not with an integrated, bulletproof workflow.

Bringing these two capabilities together in a seamless combination? That means the words "but it worked on my machine" should be a thing of the past. That's a game-changer for web developers everywhere.

We're only able to deliver this because of the heavy investment we've made in core technologies like our container-based architecture, the Valhalla filesystem, and our git-based deployment workflow. In effect, we're taking all the tools that underpin the world's largest Drupal infrastructure and focusing them on solving the other end of the problem: how to build great sites with less stress and hit that launch date in stride.

Multidev is available today for all sites building with our Business or Enterprise plans. If you have a project that really needs these tools, but you haven't yet decided on a plan, let us know via your Pantheon dashboard and we may be able to activate it for you early.

There are still iterations and improvements to be made, but releasing Multidev is a key milestone for Pantheon. We've felt the need for this feature from the beginning, and we've been planning and building towards it for many months. We're really interested to see what people do with it!

Learn more about Multidev: register for our show and tell webinar today!. You can alsoread the manual.

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