Mika Kasumov

VP of Programmatic & Strategic Partnerships

As a VP in Pantheon's Revenue organization, Mika is responsible for all strategic partnerships and the programmatic customer base. Leading a cross-functional team, spanning sales, marketing, and analytics capabilities, he is focused on bringing in a data-informed rapid decision making mindset into Pantheon's more complex go to market motions.

Mika started his career in e-commerce, including focusing on M&A at eBay where he worked on a range of investments and acquisitions spanning technology, talent, category, and global expansion. Subsequent to that he took on a series of financial planning and strategy  leadership roles, including being instrumental to helping Upwork (NASDAQ:UPWK) achieve profitability and re-accelerate growth through a mix of product and pricing initiatives. He joined Pantheon in 2018 to quarterback the fundraising and financial planning, as well as establish a strategy function. After serving as the CEO's Chief of Staff, he has transitioned into a customer-facing revenue leadership role.

Mika holds a BA in Mathematics from Harvard University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Growing up in a developing country, the open web has always been both a passion and a lifeline for access to information. He taught himself the basics of web technologies at the age of 10.