Containers - Not Virtual Machines - Are the Future Cloud

Get an in-depth view of David Strauss’ vision of containers, not virtual machines, as the future of the cloud in his recent Linux Journal article.

Update: this was picked up in Hacker News too. Read how the community is responding.

While there is huge demand for virtual machines with their guaranteed computational resources, security isolation and API access for provisioning it all, without the overhead of physical servers, inefficiency remains. With VMs, you still carry overhead by having to run a full operating system image for each machine.

There is a good reason, that despite the OS inefficiency, VMs proliferate: containers used to be terrible, if they existed in any useful form at all, but this is rapidly transforming.

In the article, David points to how underlying improvements in the Linux kernel and its ability to manage isolation between applications offers a solution. Today containers offer the same features as VMs, but with minimal overhead. What’s more, compared to a virtual machine, the overhead of a container is disruptively low.

View David's article here:

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