Announcing Pantheon’s New Partner Program

Today we’re excited to announce the latest and greatest iteration of our partnership program for digital agencies. We’ve grown and learned a lot since the original launch of “Pantheon for Agencies” back in 2015, and are happy to bring a suite of new benefits to the program.

In addition to this post and the partner portal (within the dashboard), we’re also hosting a webinar later this month to walk through what’s new with this program, how it benefits agencies, and how to get access to it. Curious to know more? Join us and bring your questions!

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New: Pantheon Preferred Pricing

For the past six months, we’ve offered “introductory” pricing for all new site launches. Starting today, this special low price is now available only to customers working through a qualified agency partner.

This Pantheon Preferred Price is our way of recognizing the value agencies bring to Pantheon projects, and also a way for our agencies to show clients they’re able to get more from Pantheon via the partnership. Think of it like Amazon Prime for the platform.

Note: this change does not affect any existing customers—no existing site prices are changing—and all active agencies in our program will automatically have access to Pantheon Preferred Pricing. If you’re using Pantheon as an agency but aren’t currently in the program it’s still free to sign up and everyone will get a 90-day trial to see if it’s a fit for them. If you’re looking to launch a site on Pantheon and want the better price, we can help match you with the right agency partner.

Preferred Pricing is one of several aspects of the new partner program that brings a dollars-and-cents business value to the table, complementing our existing technical benefits. We are super excited to make our new partner program a true “two-way street” for business with (and through) our agency partners.

More Levels, More Benefits

In contrast to the historical “one-size-fits-all” Pantheon for Agencies program, the new partner program has defined levels offering greater benefits as our partnership progresses.

  • Level 1: Registered

  • Level 2: Partner

  • Level 3: Premier Partner

  • Level 4: Strategic Partner

New agencies will start with a 90-day trial of Level 2 full partner status, which includes access to Pantheon Preferred pricing (per above) as well as improved tools and support (see below). Keeping that level means launching a few sites live on the platform. If that doesn’t happen, agencies will remain registered in the program, and can earn that Partner status at any time in the future.

Better Tools and Support

For our valued partners, we’re also happy to offer higher levels of support across their entire site portfolio as part of the new program. We’ve listened to your feedback, and now we’re delivering. No longer will the quality of support vary site-by-site. Even sandboxes will be covered!

In addition, Partners (and above) will have complimentary access to our Multidev tool for all projects, plus the ability to experiment with Custom Upstreams, either for their own dev process or for pitching large-scale customers. These are unique features that only Pantheon offers, and they can be game-changers for how an agency works internally, and with clients.

We’re also happy to offer complimentary training and enablement to all partners. In fact, for high-tier relationships, we’ll develop custom private trainings, and even deliver them in person if it helps to make your teams effective with the platform.

Driving Business Value

A big focus on the new partner program is helping our partners grow and succeed with their agency business. Preferred Pricing is the highest-profile aspect, but we’ve also built out a dedicated account team that’s ready to help you answer questions, pitch clients, and work through proposals.

We’re also focused on facilitating best practices from a business standpoint, and can work to help you level up the value of your services, as well as working on winning bigger deals with larger accounts. This includes opportunities to co-market, develop target accounts, and to directly partner in co-selling strategic opportunities.

Ultimately we know that success for our partners equals success for our platform. While we’ll never stop adding capabilities and features from a technical perspective, the biggest opportunity for us to make additional impact right now is in contributing on the business side of the equation.

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Accelerate Your Business, Services, and Talent
Pantheon enables digital agencies to build more predictable businesses and empower their development teams. Download our Partner program Guide to learn how.

Let’s Dance

If you’re already a member of our partner program, you can access the partner portal by logging into your Pantheon dashboard. This will give you access to a number of resources to help make the most of our benefits. You should also feel free to reach out to your partner contact on our accounts team to schedule a conversation. If you’re not sure who this is, start a chat and we’ll make sure you get connected.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who works at (or runs) a digital agency and are wondering how to get started—or if it’s right for you—you can check out the full Partner Program Guide, or take the plunge and sign up to start your 90-day trial. We’re eager to welcome you and answer any questions you might have.

Finally, if you’re not a digital agency, but looking for one to work with, we can help match you with the right agency partner who will not only get you the Pantheon Preferred Price, but also make sure your website project is a smashing success. If you’re already working with an agency, they’re welcome to join as well. Budgets go further and deadlines are hit more frequently with Pantheon in the picture, so upgrade to the web’s best platform and start reaping the benefits today!

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