Pantheon Changelog

May 2019

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Pantheon Heroes

Our new advocacy program, Pantheon Heroes is in full swing. If you love Pantheon, the Open Web, and helping others, apply for Hero Status so we can help you help the world.

Platform Improvements

European Union Region in Limited Availability

Whether you need your WordPress or Drupal site to meet data residency requirements or have a performance use case not solved by caching requests through Pantheon’s Global CDN, contract customers can now create sites in the European Union. Also see the blog announcement.

Disaster Recovery Now Supports Redis Cache

Pantheon’s new Disaster Recovery offering now supports Redis application cache. A standby Redis cache is provisioned in the site’s backup zone and ready for failover in the event of a data center outage. Also see documentation on Redis and Disaster Recovery best practices.

Site Files and Backups Moved to Google Cloud

In January 2018, Pantheon announced migration of the Pantheon CMS Container Matrix to Google Cloud. Now, all site file storage, backup processing, and backup storage has moved from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud. This change provides higher backup performance, higher reliability, and increased innovation ahead for all of Pantheon's customers.

PHP 7.3 Default for Drupal 8 and WordPress Sites

PHP 7.3 is the new default for Drupal 8 and WordPress sites. Apply the 1-click update on the Pantheon site dashboard to upgrade. For more information see Faster WordPress & Drupal 8 sites with PHP 7.3 by Default.

Terminus 2.0.1 Release

Terminus 2.0.1 has been released with several improvements. For details see the Terminus 2.0.1 Changelog.

New Relic Agent Upgraded

New Relic Agent has been upgraded platform-wide to For details see New Relic release notes.

Drupal Core Updates Available

Drupal 8.7.0 and 7.66 are available to apply as 1-click updates on Pantheon site dashboards.