Pantheon Essential Training

Pantheon Essential Training Introduction Video


Learn How to Develop Sites on Pantheon

Jump around or take it from the top, this tutorial series will help get you up and running on the platform in no time.
Note: The videos are Drupal specific, but still universally helpful. WordPress version to come!

Play Video: Getting Started with Pantheon

Lesson 1: What is Pantheon?

In this overview presentation we'll introduce you to the features Pantheon provides and why you would use them to host your Drupal sites.

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Lesson 2: Getting Started with Pantheon

To get up and running with Pantheon, you'll need to create an account. This tutorial includes: Creating your account, How to create your first site.

Play Video: Importing a Site into Pantheon

Lesson 3: Importing a Site into Pantheon

In this tutorial we'll provide an overview of how to import your site into Pantheon. We'll also discuss the different methods you can use to import your site and the guidelines for which method to use, especially when working with large Drupal sites.

Play Video: Create a Site Archive for Import

Lesson 4: Create a Site Archive for Import

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a site archive for an existing Drupal site so that you can import it into Pantheon. You'll learn how to create one single archive file that contains all the components we need: database, code base, and files.

Play Video: Import a Drupal Site to Pantheon

Lesson 5: Import a Drupal Site to Pantheon

In the process we will look at the two different interfaces for doing an import.

Play Video: Basic Pantheon Workflow

Lesson 6: Basic Pantheon Workflow

In this presentation we'll provide an overview of how Pantheon is set up to support your development workflow, from making changes to your code base on dev to getting your site launched on live.

Play Video: Use Pantheon Environments

Lesson 7: Use Pantheon Environments

In this tutorial you'll learn how to access and use each Pantheon environment.

Play Video: Pantheon Branching and Multidev

Lesson 8: Pantheon Branching and Multidev

In this presentation we'll explain the benefits that Multidev gives you and walk through the terminology you'll encounter. The Multidev process and terminology is based on Git workflows so you'll be getting a short Git overview as well.

Play Video: Use Pantheon Multidev

Lesson 9: Use Pantheon Multidev

In this tutorial we're going to dive into using Pantheon's Multidev feature. We'll use Multidev to review the new code in our dashboard, and then merge that branch into the Dev master branch. With the full process complete, we can delete that branch, and the environment with it.

Play Video: Pantheon for Agencies

Lesson 10: Pantheon for Agencies

In this tutorial we'll take a tour of the features you get with Pantheon for Agencies for managing your sites, including tags and filtering.

Play Video: The Pantheon Stack

Lesson 11: The Pantheon Stack

In this tutorial we'll peek behind the curtain to see how Pantheon does what it does. We'll be introduced to the application container technology they use and review what software is running on your Pantheon environments, and get an overview of how caching works there.

Play Video: Optimize Your Site for the Cloud

Lesson 12: Optimize Your Site for the Cloud

In this tutorial we'll provide an overview of how to make your Pantheon sites take the best advantage of the robust infrastructure Pantheon provides.

Play Video: Prepare for Launch

Lesson 13: Prepare for Launch

With everything on your site ready to go, the final step to a successful project is to launch it! In this presentation we'll outline the steps you'll need to take to get your site out in public, using your domain name.

Play Video: Choose Your Pantheon Plan

Lesson 14: Choose Your Pantheon Plan

In this tutorial we'll review the Pantheon plan choices, and explain how to pick the right one for your project.

Play Video: Launch Your Site on Pantheon

Lesson 15: Launch Your Site on Pantheon

You're finally ready to share your site with the world! In this tutorial we'll walk through the process of launching our Pantheon site. We'll review all of the settings to add our domain name to the Live environment and explain how it all works.


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