Developer Dashboard

A developer console for your WordPress and Drupal sites.

One Dashboard for All Your Sites

Manage all your Drupal and WordPress sites with the Developer Dashboard. The dashboard is a real-time interface into Pantheon. It includes everything you need to build, launch, and run sites. Create new projects, manage team access, interface via SFTP or Git (version control), and track miscellaneous tools like backups. It also allows you to deploy and scale your sites.

Build with Power Tools

One dashboard has everything you need—Git push to deploy, a continuous integration workflow, one-click deployment, separate Dev, Test, and Live environments, one-click core updates, Git, Drush, Varnish, Redis, automated backups, and automated Drupal and WordPress updates. Deploy your site on the same platform you used to build it. No more setting up VMs, installing packages, debugging scripts, or fighting with your traditional hosting provider.

Easy, Streamlined Development Workflow

Every site you create through the Developer Dashboard includes a complete Dev, Test, and Live environment. Each environment is a replica of the others. No more introducing bugs when changing environments. Need more branches? Pantheon Multidev allows web teams to speed development and prototyping for any site by creating multiple cloud development environments for feature branches.

Manage One Website, Hundreds, or Thousands

Pantheon makes managing multiple websites easy. The dashboard provides a central interface for all your sites and credentials. With support for standard Drupal installs and custom installation profiles, you can manage multiple sites on a common codebase, including standardized upstreams. Spin up an out-of-the-box, branded website—with all the themes, CMS integrations, and features you need.

Manage Team Members

Easily invite team members to work on your sites through the dashboard. Site owners and administrators can invite developers, colleagues, themers, managers, and stakeholders. Control access for each team member by granting permissions to entire sites or to individual branches and environments. For added security, Pantheon provides a complete audit log so you can track activities.

Designed for Web Teams and Agencies

Easily onboard new developers through a single management interface. Scale your team and safely collaborate on big projects by adding contractors with granular roles and permissions. Connect select sites to creative agencies and dev shops, who can only access development environments and branches. People are just as easy to remove from sites, too.

Additional Dashboard Features

  • One-click updates to Drupal core and WordPress

  • Automatic site audits with actionable insights

  • Site crash reporting with backtraces

  • SFTP development controls, including git commits

  • Add and configure New Relic monitoring

Standardize Your Drupal & WordPress Websites

There’s a right way to build and manage a professional-grade website, and the best developers follow it. Pantheon standardizes development, updates, security, and version control so you don’t have to think about it. The Developer Dashboard puts all the tools you need right at your fingertips.