Configuration File

Learn how to configure your local Terminus configuration file.


If you find yourself passing the same options to Terminus repeatedly, consider creating a configuration file to provide default values for common options. The Terminus configuration file lives at $HOME/.terminus/config.yml.

Available Configurations

Any command variable normally passed in the form of --option=VALUE is configurable. Values stored will be available regardless of which alias you use to run the command. Default values stored this way will be overridden by those supplied on the command line.

You can see all the available options for a given command (e.g., available --fields or --format options) by running it with the --help option in your terminal:

Terminus Help Command Example


The $HOME/.terminus/config.yml file uses YAML formatting, which relies on indentation in the form of two spaces per indent:

        app: sequelpro

The example above does two things:

  • When the command terminus auth:login is run, it will automatically provide the correct email address. This is useful if you find yourself logging in to multiple accounts frequently, and want to use your regular account by default.

  • The Terminus Plugin Pancakes lets you open your Pantheon site database with a SQL GUI client. Rather than define the app every time, this configuration will always use Sequel Pro, unless otherwise specified.