Choosing Your Start State

See available options for starting new Drupal or WordPress sites and site import considerations.

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The site's framework is selected during the creation process. Pantheon Upstreams provide default installations of WordPress, Drupal 8 and Drupal 7. Custom Upstreams are available to team members when the organization is associated during site creation.

Pantheon Upstreams

We base our Drupal 7 repository on the canonical source from, and then extend it with Pressflow modifications and additional features to take advantage of the Pantheon runtime environment. The WordPress repository includes platform integration plugins and a pre-configured wp-config.php.

Public Distributions

We include a growing number of "Drupal products" as available upstreams on Pantheon. These are also known as installation profiles or distributions and contain much more functionality than a Drupal core installation.


If the distribution you are using is behind on core releases or any of its included plugins, please contact the maintainer through or the distribution's GitHub issue queue.

Use the following direct links to create a new site on Pantheon from a public distribution:

Product UUID

There is a UUID for all the different systems you can install on Pantheon. WordPress on Pantheon is e8fe8550-1ab9-4964-8838-2b9abdccf4bf. To see all available products, run the following Terminus command:

terminus upstream:list --all

Create Sites with Terminus

Create new sites with Terminus, the Pantheon CLI. Run terminus site:create <site> <label> <upstream> to create a new site using the desired upstream, like so:

terminus site:create my-new-panopoly-site "My New Panopoly Site" "Panopoly"
 [notice] Creating a new site...
 [notice] Deploying CMS...
 [notice] Deployed CMS
terminus dashboard:view my-new-panopoly-site

Importing an Existing Site

Your site migration has four phases. You’ll package your site, import it, test it out, and then change DNS and go live. With a good plan and understanding of the platform, the process will run smoothly. For detailed information, see Migrate Sites to Pantheon.