Billing in the Site Dashboard

Add a new credit card, remove the current card or transfer billing to a new site owner within the Billing tab of the Settings tool in the Site Dashboard.



Did you know Pantheon offers savings for sites purchased with annual billing plans? See Pantheon Annual Billing for more information.

Access Site Billing

  1. From the User Dashboard, click on the site you want to access billing for.

  2. Go to the Site Dashboard and click the Billing tab.


Changing your site billing is typically done at launch time. For a comprehensive step-by-step guide to going live, refer to Launch Essentials.

Roles and Permissions

The permission to transfer ownership or update payment method is granted only to the role of Site Owner. You can see who is assigned the role of Site Owner by clicking Team in the Site Dashboard. Other roles do not have access to billing as described on this page.


If you need to assume site and billing ownership, the current Site Owner must transfer it to you directly, as described below.

Transfer Ownership and Billing for This Site

This is the most common way non-agency developers and Registered Agencies (i.e. non-Partner Agencies) deliver completed sites to their clients. If you are a Partner Agency looking to ensure that your client receives preferred pricing, you should instead send an invitation to your client to pay for the site.

Single-site businesses can also use this method when site ownership needs to be transferred to someone else within the company. The invitation will guide the recipient through adding their payment method to the site for the designated plan.

We recommend communicating with the business owner well in advance of sending a transfer request. It's a good idea to have them notify you once they've upgraded so you can continue the going live procedure. Feel free to share the Site Owner FAQ guide with them.


This process will transfer ownership of the site. The account paying for the site is automatically assigned the Site Owner role. Agencies maintain access by being associated as a Supporting Organization.

  1. From the Pantheon Site Dashboard, click on the Billing tab.
  2. Click on Transfer Site. Enter the email address associated with the account you want to transfer site ownership to.
  3. Click Send Request. The recipient will need to confirm the transfer.

Resellers and Enterprise organizations should contact their Account Manager or create a Support ticket to request a transfer of ownership.

Add New Credit Card

  1. Go to the Site Dashboard and click the Billing tab.

  2. If the site:

    • Is currently in Sandbox mode:
      1. Click Add Card.
      2. Click + Add New Card.
    • Already has a card associated with it:
      • Find the existing card under BILLING INFORMATION and click Change next to it, then click on Add New Card.
  3. Enter your credit card information and click Add Card.

  4. To add the card to the site, select the new card and click Update Credit Card.

    • Skip this step to store the card without adding it to the site.

This process will add a new credit card profile in Account > Billing of your User Dashboard. Once you have added the card, set it as the new payment method for the site as described in the next section.

Your Credit Cards

Bill This Site to a New Card

Select the card you want the site to use as the new payment method after it has been added as described in the previous section.

  1. Go to the Site Dashboard and click the Billing tab.

  2. Find the existing card under BILLING INFORMATION and click Change next to it.

  3. Select the new card and click Update Credit Card.

    You should get a message saying "Your billing information has been updated!"

Do Not Bill This Site to a Card

A credit card can only be removed from a site when that site is set to bill another card or when the site is downgraded to Sandbox.

After downgrading from a paid plan to Sandbox, remove the card as a payment method for the site:

  1. Go to the Site Dashboard and click the Billing tab.

  2. Find your card under BILLING INFORMATION and click Remove Card.

    You should get a message saying "Your credit card is removed. This site is no longer associated with the credit card."

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment are accepted?

Sites purchased online through the Pantheon Site Dashboard accept credit card payments only. Pantheon does not currently accept alternative methods of payment for online site purchases (e.g., checks, PayPal, etc.).

Does Pantheon accept PayPal?

Pantheon currently does not accept PayPal.

Can there be more than one site owner?

A site can only have one site owner.

Can the payment for a site be split between multiple cards.

No, payment for a site can only come from one card at a time.

Why don't I get email notifications about upcoming billing?

Billing emails are only sent to the billing contact email, set by the Site Owner when they enter a credit card for payment:

Billing Contact

If you are the billing contact for an online site plan, check your spam folder, and try adding and to your contacts. You can also reach out to your IT department to see if the emails are in quarantine.

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