The Pantheon Community and Power Users Group

Share best practices with other experienced and active users of Pantheon's platform.

Contributors: Josh Koenig

Pantheon fosters a community for those actively making use of the platform, primarily website development professionals. If you are an active developer on the Pantheon platform, you may benefit from joining our Power Users Slack channel or Power Users mailing list.

Power User Topics

The Pantheon Community is not a support resource, but it is a source of great ideas, inspirations, and insights. Examples of recent conversation threads:

  • Accessing the Apache Solr search index from an AngularJS app
  • Decoupled website architecture
  • Using symlinks for legacy file locations
  • Controlling user access to environments
  • Terminus tricks for Continuous Integration

The community is an excellent way to bounce ideas off other expert developers. It's also the best way to get early access to beta features and other Power User info.

Joining the Community

You can join the Slack community by clicking here. The Slack Community can also be accessed at

If you have a Google account you can join Power Users mailing list via the group page, which also allows you to browse and interact via the web.

You can also subscribe with any email address by sending a message to

Code of Conduct

Pantheon is dedicated to a positive and harassment-free community experience for everyone. See our full code of conduct for details, including how to report abuse.