Platform Resources

Get detailed information about platform resources for your Drupal or WordPress site.

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This page reflects resources for legacy site plans. Sites that have been upgraded or launched to our new plans should refer to Site Plans FAQs for current information.

The platform resources provided to your website depend on your current plan. Pantheon can scale instantly, so changing your service level will immediately change your resources to the values for the new plan, as shown in the table below.

Platform Resources

Application Containers1124+
PHP Concurrency4888
PHP Memory Limit256MB256MB512MBup to 1024MB
MySQL Buffer Pool128MB512MB1024MB2014MB+
Redis Cache Sizen/a235MB471MB1024MB
Custom Domain Limit (per site) 525100200
Free and managed HTTPS
New Relic
Object Cache


Application Containers: Each application container is a separate deployment of your site's code. All Dev and Test environments for Personal and Performance sites have one container, and Test environments for Business and Elite sites have two containers. The Live environment for Elite sites may be scaled to multiple containers to handle more requests.

PHP Concurrency: The amount of simultaneous processes PHP can run within a given container. The number of requests your website can handle is a product of the number of containers, and each containers' concurrency, as well as your application performance (see below).

PHP Memory Limit (Application Memory Limit): The maximum amount of memory a single PHP process can use. Exceeding this limit will kill the process, resulting in a failed request from the user's perspective.

MySQL Buffer Pool: The buffer pool is InnoDB's cache for frequently-accessed data in your database. If queries can run out of the buffer alone, they will be dramatically accelerated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these the complete specs and memory for my site?

There are many "under the hood" configuration values not show here, but these are the most important values for understanding whether or not Pantheon will fit for a given site.

Is memory shared between containers?

No, your database and application container resources are not shared. They operate in their own Linux user space with their own memory.

Are the specs the same for all three environments (Dev/Test/Live)?

Yes they have the same infrastructure; however, Live environments on Business plans and above have multiple application containers, while Dev and Test environments have only one.