Managing Site Plan Changes and Chargeback for EDU+ Sites

Learn how to manage site plan changes and chargebacks for Pantheon EDU+ sites.


Pantheon for EDU+ allows Organization Administrators to manage who can change service level plans for sites within their organization. When a site is not associated with an organization, you can add a credit card to change the site's plan. When a site is associated with an EDU+ Organization, billing is managed through a contract with Pantheon, and only Organization Administrators can change a site's plan.

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Specify Take Live/Payment Instructions

From the Organization Dashboard, go to Settings and enter a Take Live/Payment Instructions URL and a Service Level Change Instructions URL to be shown to users who are not Organization Administrators in the site's settings.

These settings allow a payment flow so your EDU+ Organization can collect information needed to take the site live, manage accounting, and chargebacks to the appropriate department or unit within your organization.

The URL includes information that you can use to auto-populate a form you control. For example:

This allows you to collect the site name, site UUID, site owner, and site owner's email address. You may also want to collect an accounting number, desired plan, technical contact name and email address, domain names, desired go live date, and additional comments.

Change the Service Level (Org Admin)

  1. From your Site Dashboard, select Settings.
  2. Select the new plan from the drop-down menu, and click Update Plan. EDU+ Service Level Selection
  3. Enter the text in the confirmation field to continue.

Change the Service Level (Team Member)

  1. From your Site Dashboard, select Settings.
  2. Your organization has specific information you'll need to complete. Click Read Instructions to continue.
    Service Level Instructions
  3. Enter the required site and plan information in your organization's form. Below is an example form; however, each organization will have its own custom form.
    EDU+ Organization Payment Form