Managing Site Plan Changes for EDU+ Sites

Learn how to manage site plan changes for Pantheon EDU+ sites.

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Pantheon for EDU+ allows Organization Administrators to manage site plans for sites within their organization. When a site is associated with an EDU+ Organization, billing is managed through a contract with Pantheon, and only Organization Administrators can confirm a site plan change.

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Change the Site Plan

  1. As an organization administrator, from the Site Dashboard, click Upgrade next to the site's name:

    Upgrade plan button shown on Sandbox sites

    Otherwise, click the current plan tag next to the site's name:

    Screenshot of a site Dashboard on a Performance Medium plan

  2. Click Select below the plan you choose, and select the Plan Size if it's a Performance plan.

    Screenshot of the plan options for a site

  3. Review the new plan on the Confirm Purchase page, and click Place Your Order.

    Because billing is handled by the organization, the plan change is immediate, and you'll be returned to the Site Dashboard.

    • If the site plan isn't shown on the Dashboard immediately, refresh the page or click the Workflows button for status.