Launching a WordPress Site

Detailed information on creating a new Pantheon WordPress site.

Create and Name Your Site

  1. After you have created a Pantheon account, log into your Dashboard and click Create your first site.

  2. Enter a name and URL, then click Create Site. The only valid characters are letters, numbers and dashes.

    You will then have a short wait while Pantheon creates and allocates the resources for your site's environments.

Configure Your Site

You now have several options. Select Install WordPress, which gives you a blank site with the code pulled from a Pantheon maintained fork of the project.

Site Build

Pantheon will now build your site environments and prepare your WordPress site. When complete, just click the button to visit your Pantheon Dashboard.

Visit New Site Dashboard

Congratulations! Your Pantheon site environments have been configured. From the Dashboard, you can control your site's settings, manage team members, perform workflow operations, and a lot more.

Launch Development Site

You will eventually have three environments (Dev, Test, and Live), each with a separate version of your website, but you need to finish development site installation first. Click Visit Development Site at the top left of your Dashboard to launch the site. Visit development site

Complete the Installation

Now you will add site information such as administrator username, password, and email address. Click Continue when done, and the installation will complete. On the login page, enter the username and password you set when configuring the site.

View Your Site

You are ready to start development! Click the Visit Development Site button to view your Dev site at anytime.

Further Reading