Welcome! This guide will help you configure uptime monitors on a Pantheon Site with New Relic to automatically open an incident in PagerDuty and notify whoever's on-call, following a set escalation path.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Monitor site uptime and set alert conditions in New Relic
  • Create an on-call schedule and escalation policy for your team in PagerDuty
  • Integrate New Relic with PagerDuty to send notifications to whoever is on-call (SMS, email, phone call) when an incident occurs
  • Integrate PagerDuty with Slack to acknowledge and resolve incidents (optional)

Before You Begin

To get started, you need to activate New Relic APM Pro on Pantheon:

  1. Navigate to the Live environment in your Site Dashboard, and click New Relic.
  2. Click the Activate New Relic Pro button.
  3. Use the Visit Live Site and browse your site for a few minutes to generate data in New Relic:

    New Relic Enable and Generate Data