Create a New Project

In step two of the Build Tools guide, learn how to create your new project.


In this section we'll use the Terminus Build Tools Plugin to create a new Pantheon Site, a corresponding GitHub repository, and configure CircleCI to run tests.

  1. Create a new project (replace pantheon-d8-composer-project with the name of your new site):

    terminus build:project:create d8 pantheon-d8-composer-project


    Pantheon also maintains Composer based examples for WordPress and Drupal 7 that are currently in alpha, requiring --stability=alpha in the command line options. While this guide demonstrates Drupal 8, the same workflow can be achieved on all frameworks.

    Provide additional information as prompted, such as Organization (if any), and tokens for GitHub and CircleCI access:

    Create Project Prompts

    This process will create a secure keypair, with the public key going to Pantheon and the private key stored in CircleCI. If you remove either key, you will need to generate a new pair manually to fix the build process.

  2. Once your site is ready, the URL to your project page will be printed to your terminal window. Copy this address and paste it into a browser to visit your new project on GitHub:

    Initial Project Page

    The badges on your project page provide quick access to the different components used to manage your site:

    • The CircleCI page for your project
    • Your Pantheon dashboard
    • Your test site

    If you click on the CircleCI badge, you can watch your project's initial test run. Once your tests successfully complete, the orange CircleCI "no builds" badge will become a green "passing" badge:

    Passing Project Page