Deleting Your Pantheon Account

Learn how to completely remove your Pantheon account.

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Follow the steps below to completely delete your site(s).

1. Backup and Export

The first thing to do is to backup and export your site(s). Yes, you are leaving the platform, but you should always have a backup of your work just in case you need it in the future.

If you need to make a backup of an existing environment, see Backup Creations.

For more information about exporting a backup of an environment, see Restoring a Backup.

2. Delete Each of Your Sites

Once you have backed-up your data and are ready to delete your sites, see Deleting a Site. It is a simple one-click operation, but it is permanent. Don't worry; You will be prompted to confirm before the deletion occurs.

3. Delete Your Credit Cards

The next step is to delete the associated credit cards. For more information, see Account Billing in the User Dashboard.

4. Delete Your Account

From your Account Dashboard, select Account, and click Delete Account. Click the red Delete Account button, and enter the verification text to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my site still accessible after it's been deleted?

Your site may still be accessible for a temporary period of time because the platform does not clear cache upon site deletion. To avoid this behavior, clear cache before deleting the site.

Can I come back to the platform later?

Of course. That's why the first step in this process is to backup and export your site. To restore your site from a backup, see Restoring a Backup.