Creating Sites

Create a new Drupal or WordPress site on Pantheon.

The Pantheon Dashboard provides a quick "click to install" method of creating new sites. In less than five minutes, you'll have a new site up and running on the platform.

Create a Site

  1. From your User Dashboard, click Create New Site.
  2. Name your site.


    The site name will be prefixed to all Platform URLs, which are automatically configured as subdomains of

  3. If applicable, affiliate the site with an organization.
  4. Click Create Site.
  5. Select your start state. Install WordPress, Drupal 8, or Drupal 7 with one click. You can also select from any of the public or Custom Upstreams available on the platform.
  6. Click Visit your Pantheon Dashboard.
  7. Click Visit Development Site and complete the installation process for the selected framework. Visit development site button

Sandbox Sites

Sandbox sites are useful for trying out the Pantheon platform, creating sandboxes for development, or for starting a new client project. We allocate two Sandbox sites for all user accounts. If you have reached your limit of Sandbox sites, delete an unused site or take a site live. If you're building sites for third parties, sign up for Pantheon for Agencies. If you're at an educational institution, sign up for Pantheon for EDU.

Your Pantheon Account

Your account is your own individual account, and every account can manage multiple projects or sites at a time. Pantheon doesn't recommend sharing your account with other people. If you're collaborating on a project or handing over ownership to a client, use our team management and ownership transfer tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I rename my Pantheon site after creation?

No. Site names and Platform URLs are permanent and cannot be changed. As a workaround, you can export your existing site and import it to a new site with the correct name. See Migrate Sites to Pantheon FAQs.

Next Steps