Professional-Grade WordPress

Introducing Pantheon for WordPress

Unlike hosting, Pantheon gives you power tools. Build, launch, and run all your WordPress websites on one professional website platform. No servers to mess with, ever.

Our platform provides full support for both WordPress and Drupal. Customers can use either technologies, or both. WordPress sites can now benefit from the same technology that already powers 55,000+ Drupal websites.

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Pantheon unites developers, marketers, and IT teams on one platform. Developers can stop struggling with version control, staging environments, backups, and workflow. Marketers can launch faster, without worrying about traffic spikes, security, or web performance. IT teams can give up the pager. Drupal and WordPress infrastructure experts have your back.

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The web developers at Alley Interactive are just a few of the pros who use Pantheon to build, launch, and run WordPress and Drupal websites. Hear exactly how they’re doing it. Read the case study, and register for the webinar for pro tips and best practices on launching big WordPress sites.

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Read the press release and see what TechCrunch is saying about the first container-based infrastructure to scale in software, not servers.

When your site crashes in a traffic spike, slows to a crawl, or loses data, it’s not your fault. Traditional hosting isn’t set up to make growing a professional website easy. Learn how to grow a professional-grade WordPress website—without the pitfalls of traditional hosting.

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