Why Pantheon Enterprise?

Pantheon offers all the true benefits of the cloud.

(It's the only alternative to legacy hosting that does.)

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  • Pantheon runs the largest single Drupal infrastructure in the world, serving up 100s of millions of requests daily for customers.
  • Our expert Drupal team guides you from pre-launch to high-fives, including traffic and launch planning, a site audit, training, and more.
  • You’ll never need to resize, migrate up to a cluster, or change your architecture again.
  • 24/7 monitoring and support. In other words, a built-in invincibility shield for every phase of your website’s growth. 
  • We cushion you with extra resources when you need them, free of charge.
  • Solr search. Need complex, faceted searches and indexing for documents like PDFs, etc?  Apache Solr does the honors for you. With Pantheon, Solr just works. 
  • Disaster recovery, including automated backup and restore. We make automated backups, and redundantly store file data in another location.
  • Contractually-backed SLA to meet your business requirements. 
  • Bullet-proof security. No need to secure or harden your Linux systems, control SSH access, maintain firewalls, or deal with kernel versions. 
  • Drupal expert picks up and works with you as quickly as possible to solve your questions. 
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