Unlock Your Media Site’s Potential

Keep Readers Engaged

Julia Sachs

Managing Editor, GritDaily News

Joel Nagy

Head of Engineering, Refinery29

Andy Toh

VP of Product & Innovation, Essence

Matthew Dorman

Senior Solutions Architect, Ndevr

Stanfield Gray

CEO & Founder, DIG South Moderator

About this webinar:

As we enter a time of digital transformation, we all depend on news and media to learn more about the watershed events we’re experiencing daily. The news cycle is rapidly changing, forcing companies to be agile and make continuous updates to their site. The media & publishing industry needs to position their content and improve website performance in order to retain readership. Join Pantheon, DIG South, Refinery29, Essence, GritDaily News and Ndevr to learn:

  • How to create the best user experience for readers
  • Why you should preemptively assess your website’s performance and speed
  • How to keep readership engaged with your website from a technical and non-technical angle