The Five Ws of Decoupled Websites

Boost Performance and Gain Flexibility Through Decoupled Architecture

Steve Persch

Director, Technical Marketing

About this webinar:

More and more web teams are breaking up monolithic CMS-based websites into decoupled architectures. In a decoupled project, back-end and front-end developers can each use their preferred tools to accomplish their work. Decoupled projects have the potential to improve the performance, user experience, and value of public-facing sites.

Teams considering decoupled architectures may face an overwhelming number of choices, concerns over lost functionality from previous monoliths, and unfamiliarity with newer tools. But the reward can be worth the risk!

Join Pantheon’s Technical Product Marketing Manager, Steve Persch to learn how decoupling gives you the power of flexibility and access to modern build practices which can provide a significant boost in performance.

What you’ll learn:

  • The forces driving modern front-end development
  • The pros and cons of various approaches to decoupling
  • Ways to adopt decoupled techniques incrementally to maximize rewards and reduce risk
  • How Pantheon is developing Decoupled Bridge and Edge Sites to support common patterns of decoupling.