Pantheon Acquires StagingPilot

A Winning Team Delivering WebOps Automation

Democratizing Access to Visual Regression Testing

Pantheon has acquired StagingPilot, a WebOps tooling service that automates over two million test steps a month that would otherwise be done by humans. We’re thrilled to integrate and extend this service to give web teams even more time to focus on driving results. We can’t wait to get to work integrating this amazing capability into the Pantheon stack.

If you already have StagingPilot, our platform and portfolio of developer tools are a force multiplier for your productivity. Our WebOps Platform gives web teams agile superpowers to operate a single site or hundreds of WordPress and Drupal sites. We have unique tools like Multidev, Upstreams, Quicksilver, and Terminus which are proven to empower web teams to be up to four times more productive.

Why This Acquisition Is

so Special

Turnkey automation for CMS updates is a “holy grail” for the industry. Pantheon + StagingPilot makes that a reality.

Managed Updates and so Much More

No internal resourcing or expertise is required to keep your sites secure and up-to-date. Pantheon manages all security updates, patches and CMS maintenance so you don’t have to. We put humans at the top of the stack, that’s the real value of automating routine everyday WebOps tasks.


Internal Web Developer Efficiency


External Web Developer Efficiency


Efficiency In Managing CMS Upgrades

Along came StagingPilot and completely transformed the way I operate websites.
Rob Watson , CEO of

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