So Much More Than Web Hosting

Powered by over 1,000,000 containers. Operated by Skynet.

Containers vs Hosting

Traditional website hosting sucks. You’re either crammed into a creaky, insecure shared server, sailing rough seas alone in a tiny VPS, or stuck managing your own Rube-Goldberg cluster. Pantheon leverages the power of containers—the infrastructure of choice for the likes of Google and Facebook—to deliver the website platform of the future. Highly available, horizontally scalable, controlled through an API, and managed entirely by software.

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Uptime and Performance

Pantheon’s highly available architecture delivers better than 99.99% uptime for our customers, and smokes the competition when it comes to speed. Uptime is measured thousands of times a minute, and the results published in real time. We consistently come out on top in third-party performance benchmarks.

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Beyond Dev-Ops

The infrastructure for our platform goes beyond traditional DevOps, with over a million containers and counting. While Pantheon’s support team always has your back, you don’t have to submit tickets and wait around for tech support to do things for you. It’s fully automatic, managed entirely by software, under your control via our real-time dashboard, command-line interface, or RESTful API.

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Infosec Approved

The internet is a hostile environment. Bots are blindly attempting to exploit your website right now. Pantheon keeps your site safe in a dangerous world, separating your website from sensitive infrastructure like email servers and internal databases. The platform has been vetted by security researchers, corporate infosec teams, and independent auditors, and we are fanatical about defending it.

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Our platform was built from the ground up to serve the needs of websites. While our approach is new and different, it also strikes a familiar chord with those experienced in best-practice enterprise architecture.  

Developer Dashboard

This ain’t no cPanel. The Developer Dashboard is a modern single-page HTML5 app that puts you in control of your website through the platform. It includes everything you need to build, launch, and run sites. Create new projects, manage team access, connect via SFTP or Git, make on-demand backups, and more. Deploy and scale your website without thinking about CPU, disk, or RAM.

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