WordPress REST API

Expert Advice & Practical Use Cases

Andrew Taylor

Developer Programs Engineer

Daniel Bachhuber

Founder, Hand Built

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Webinar Details:

WordPress 4.7 dropped late last year with a host of great new features, particularly content endpoints for the WP REST API built into core.

This webinar will discuss what types of agency projects are a good fit for the REST API—and which aren't. We'll also dive into some practical use cases and real-world examples to see the power of the WordPress REST API first-hand.


Speakers: Andrew Taylor, Daniel Bachhuber

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Real Examples

    How the REST API works in a decoupled React web app.

  • Beyond the Defaults

    Modifying existing routes and creating custom routes.

  • Testing

    How to make sure your endpoints are doing what they should in a secure manner

  • Use Cases

    What projects are—and aren't—a good fit for the REST API.

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