Sound Off Virtual Panels: Corporate Social Responsibility

Catherine Bracy

CEO, TechEquity

Jasmine Shells

CEO, Five to Nine

Ariane Evans

Program Specialist, New Relic

Katie McGonigal

Senior Director, People Experience, Diversity, and Inclusion, Pantheon

Brittany Braxton

Executive Business Partner to the CEO & ERG Founder, Pantheon

About this webinar:

Black & LatinX @ Pantheon is excited to introduce Sound Off, a virtual panel series that centers the voices of Black, Indigenous, Mixed, People of Color (BIMPOC) tech leaders and executives who are making an impact in our communities today. These panels were created to open a dialogue about issues impacting BIMPOC (in and out of the tech community) with the aim of educating and challenging ourselves (and others) to think differently, change the narrative and make change. 

Corporate Social Responsibility programs aka Corporate Activism or Social Impact Programs are all the buzz right now and ironically these programs have been around for decades. However, the tumultuous year of 2020 demanded that companies take a deeper look at how they support their communities (internal, external and customers) and communicate their stance on social issues like never before.

A year (and counting) of covid, the Movement for Black Lives, an unprecedented political election and other social issues have brought us to a tipping point and we must act. Join us for a thought provoking conversation on Corporate Social Responsibility and what it means today. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Are you and your organization ready to "walk the walk"?
  • Gain a better understanding of corporate social responsibility and things to consider if you are starting CSR at your organization.
  • Insights on how CSR is impacting the working landscape today
  • How employee resource groups fit into CSR