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Defense in Depth

Lessons Learned Securing 200,000 Sites

David Strauss

Co-Founder & CTO

Chris Teitzel


Luke Probasco

Townsend Security

About this webinar:

Have you ever heard: "HTTPS will slow down your site"? How about: "I'm too small of a website, no one will want to hack me."? All too often security misconceptions lead to security apathy. Join us as we debunk these security myths and more!

We’ll start at the 10,000-foot level, reviewing common myths about secure development, then zoom in closer for a look at security best practices, concluding with a deep-dive into a few of the most effective attack mitigation strategies. With the battlescars to backup the information, our presenters will leave you with strategies to handle securing your project with confidence.

What you’ll learn:

  • Top 5 Security Myths

    We break down the top 5 security myths and how to best address them in your development workflow.

  • What Security Means for Your Business

    Confidentiality, integrity, and availability—we’ll walk you through the security triad. We’ll also discuss what constitutes PII data, and how to define it with clients and site-owners.

  • How to Create Security Layers

    Learn how to set your team up for success by creating a culture of security that includes data encryption, secrets management, and secure module development

  • What to Do in the Event of a Breach

    How to implement automated backups, recover previous backups, and our top tips for post-mortem strategies