Securing Websites in the Cloud

Get your website out of your datacenter.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The Reality

    Stealing your corporate information is big business. The Identity Theft Resource Center reported 85.6 million exposed records in internet breaches in 2014. Your customer and employee data, nancial records, and intellectual property are under constant attack.

  • Hack Vectors

    Gateway to internal system, distribution of malware, using a website to attack others, eavesdropping on authenticated website users, Stealing traffic, malicious SEO tactics, sending malicious or fraudulent emails, exploiting sensitive data for financial or personal gain

  • Thwart Attackers

    How to: bring all sites under management, find and fix vulnerabilities, review individual roles and permissions, consider/implement hardened security measures, and build a defense-in-depth website vulnerability management strategy