Web Development Agency Inclind Finds Superior Service & Support on Pantheon

With Pantheon, Inclind can offer customers more stability, higher site speed, and impeccable 24/7 support.

Delaware-based Inclind is a Drupal-centered web design and development team specializing in integrating third-party applications and APIs into their clients’ websites. Their nimble team of 12 developers collaborates with marketing teams and creative agencies. Inclind has a client base that spans industries, with clients in healthcare, higher education, real estate, and more.

Founder and Director Shaun Tyndall started Inclind using co-located hardware, managing servers internally. However, the administrative overhead of such a setup proved taxing. Worse, their “multi-tenant” (but not truly multi-tenant) hosting meant that a simple failure could bring significant downtime to all of their clients.

Inclind turned to Pantheon to create a new paradigm. As part of Pantheon’s reseller program, the agency can offer more options to clients, with rock-solid stability, increased site performance, and comprehensive support.

Pantheon is a great fit for a development agency, like us, that is looking to maintain relationships with our customers.

—Shaun Tyndall, Founder & Director, Inclind

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Before Pantheon: Sysadmin Overhead, Unstable Hosting

Like many digital agencies, Inclind started as an all-in-one shop, developing client websites and providing hosting services through a co-located vendor. The team quickly found that managing each site’s infrastructure was a substantial drain on their resources. Instead of focusing on developing features and applications for clients, they were tasked with simply keeping sites up and running.

The moment of truth came when a provider problem led to substantial downtime across Inclind’s client base. “We had all of our clients on one server, and were subject to a very simple failure,” Tyndall says. The team realized that having all of their clients on one server left them vulnerable not just to errors and attacks, but to success: A traffic spike to one site could bring all of them down.

Inclind began to look for a solution that could offer more stability and support--and alleviate infrastructure overhead in the process.

Choosing Pantheon: More Options, Better Support, Best Value

Tyndall first explored a different managed hosting provider as an interim solution while the team looked at options. That provider did reduce the team’s liability and stress for infrastructure management. But after a few months of use, it was clear there were better options available. 

The team found that some vendors would provide a platform for agencies, but then would compete against the agency for clients. Tyndall knew that Inclind needed a partner, not a competitor, a platform that would work with clients and the agency itself, providing support and  stability.

The team’s connections with the Drupal community ultimately led them to Pantheon. “We found Pantheon to be superior for providing more options for our clients and better support, all at a better price point,” Tyndall says. But it wasn’t all about the price: “The architectural approach that Pantheon took was, and still is, more forward-thinking, more flexible, and more scalable for us,” Tyndall says.

Migrating to Pantheon: Simple and Supported

Inclind began their migration with about 80 websites, starting with the least complex. The move was remarkably trouble-free. “Migrating a Drupal site to Pantheon is super simple, especially with the tools that Pantheon provides,” Tyndall says. The team was able to set up a simple workflow for scripting the migration, testing, and notifying clients. With the procedure in place, clients saw little to no downtime.

For larger, more complex sites, the Pantheon team provided support to make sure the migration went smoothly. “The migration team was super supportive,” says Tyndall. “One of the top reasons we work with Pantheon is they’re very responsive. And they’re very knowledgeable when they respond, too; developers and engineers staff support, so you get high-quality help off the bat. It’s just a clear line of communication with support for any problems, which are rare on the Pantheon platform.”

Partnering with Pantheon: Lower Overhead, Higher Performance

With Pantheon, Inclind’s clients are enjoying a bouquet of benefits. Most notably, sites are scalable and more responsive. Not only does the performance boost improve the customer experience, it’s good for SEO, too, as search engines prioritize sites with quick response times.

As for the agency itself, Inclind has seen a significant reduction in their overhead costs since making the move. Pantheon’s reseller program has reduced their margins for reselling services, enabling Inclind to offer more flexible options to their clients. 

The team is also benefitting from Pantheon’s development workflow and toolkit. “Our team loves Multidev. Streamlining DevOps is a huge benefit for a small team,” Tyndall says. The team is constantly spinning up new features in Multidev and deploying them through the Dev/Test/Live workflow. “Getting services like New Relic for free is great, too; we used to have to pay per site for that service,” Tyndall says.

For Tyndall, the list of improvements since switching to Pantheon is a long one. “All around, we’re seeing a benefit at almost every angle,” he says.

The Future on Pantheon: More Development Time, More Family Time

With the security and stability Inclind has found on Pantheon, the team can focus their efforts on serving clients instead of managing infrastructure. “We’re filling that time with more billable hours, not stressing about whether the sites will stay up,” Tyndall says.

The benefits go deeper than just providing more productive time at the office, though. With Pantheon’s support, the team at Inclind are enjoying a healthier work-life balance. “We’re a small team, so every hour counts,” Tyndall says. “We want to avoid after-hours and weekend-type work. It’s a quality of life thing. Pantheon’s platform has created a lot more family time for our team.”

To see if Pantheon is right for your agency, start a free Pantheon for Agencies account today. Is your agency managing dozens—even hundreds—of sites? Get extra benefits by signing up for the reseller program.


  • Multidev workflow helps streamline devops

  • Included New Relic and Terminus provide added value

  • Flexibility of client service with the reseller program

  • Enhanced performance and stability

  • 24-7 comprehensive support

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