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IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Content Management Systems for Persuasive Digital Experiences

Pantheon Named a Major Player in 2021 Vendor Assessment


Traditional waterfall content publishing has evolved into an iterative process, enabling marketing teams to build, test, and publish with more speed and agility. According to the IDC Marketscape, content remains at the core of reimagining success in the digital-first economy.

This new IDC MarketScape report covers SaaS-templated, website-managed hosting, web content management, and headless CMS vendors — with advice for technology buyers that includes adopting a cloud-first strategy, opting for intuitive user interfaces, scrutinizing for innovation as well as global support, and robust partner and developer ecosystems.

Download the excerpt to learn why a modern CMS is essential, view nascent trends in content management systems for digital experiences, and see details on Pantheon, including its global footprint, top industries, key differentiators, and when to consider Pantheon.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of a modern CMS and key emerging trends in content management, architectural considerations, and advice for technology buyers.
  • Pantheon strengths, including web operations with AutoPilot for automated CMS updates, site administration with Custom Upstreams, and its open source CMS support.
  • Additional details, including the global footprint, top industries, key differentiators, strengths, and when to consider Pantheon.

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