Ergodyne Delivers Best-In-Class Product Leadership and Multichannel Distribution with Drupal Commerce and Pantheon

Enterprise site replaces poor hosting and closed platform with powerful WebOps and world-class Ecommerce


Business Outcomes

  • Simple site spin-up made it easy to serve digital campaigns and create new websites 

  • Frequent customer complaints dwindled to close to zero, improving the website’s reputation and supporting Ergodyne’s industry leadership position 

  • IT went from spending 40% of its weekly management labor to 0%, freeing up time to work on high priority branding and customer support projects 


  • The lean IT team grappled with time-consuming site management, expensive licensing plans, and pricing uncertainty issues with its legacy managed hosting vendor and ecommerce platform 

  • The hosting environment made it difficult to provision and load balance the web servers, resulting in downtime and poor performance — costing the company lost revenue

  • The ecommerce platform showed poor ROI: charging tens of thousands of dollars without delivering commensurate value


  • Ergodyne adopted Drupal CMS with Drupal Commerce. Drupal Commerce provides considerable savings each year in  licensing fees and enables a highly customized interface based on shopping cart history and behavior

  • The company’s lean IT team decided to move to a flexible software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to shift its focus from infrastructure to creating new and better customer experiences  

  • Ergodyne chose Pantheon WebOps for its customer support, excellent ROI, reliability, page speed, and built-in performance monitoring

  • Pantheon supported the team’s phased Drupal 9 migration with Advanced Global CDN, allowing them to migrate the site section by section instead of all at once 

  • Security improved with controlled user access, and Pantheon Secure Integration enabled Drupal integration with third-party ecommerce software 

  • New Relic, Dev-Test-Live, Git Repository, and Bitbucket supports Ergodyne’s continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD)

Why Pantheon

  • Pantheon provided a reliable pricing structure, a highly available and performant platform, and an ecommerce engine that could manage a large multichannel transactional base

  • Purpose-built for development collaboration, automated workflow, simplified management, and high performance 

  • Easy, flexible customization and security with robust WebOps tools such as Dev-Test-Live, Multidev, Secure Integration, and Multizone Failover

  • Diamond Support responds immediately to questions with fast and accurate solutions

Introduction: Ergodyne 

Since 1983, Ergodyne has pioneered safety products to protect workers in environmentally challenging job sites. Their Tenacious Work Gear products are precision-crafted to provide protection, promote injury prevention, and manage the elements for workers all over the world. They take their mission very seriously: “Make sure that everyone who goes out to work at a job site gets to come home.” 

The flagship corporate website is responsible for driving brand recognition throughout multiple channels, providing user education, and building direct customer relationships. The website presents high-value, attractive content to drive awareness and sales. In 2018, Klein Tools®, a sixth-generation, family-owned company, acquired Ergodyne, bringing its legacy of innovation into the growing Klein product portfolio.

Challenge: Downtime and Expensive Transactions

Ergodyne’s website serves both B2B and B2C customers. The site is responsible for digital marketing campaigns, branding, and gated content for both customer segments. It is also a direct-to-consumer ecommerce site that supports a considerable number of transactions and revenue dollars each year. 

Before Pantheon, the lean IT team used the Magento ecommerce platform for multichannel customers and engaged an infrastructure as a service provider to host the website. However, Ergodyne’s small IT team spent most of its time simply managing the inflexible environment for availability and acceptable performance. 

Another major challenge was the ecommerce platform’s pricing structure. High migration and licensing costs were very steep, resulting in the high total cost of ownership (TCO) and pricing uncertainty.

Ian Handshy, Developer at Ergodyne, said, “We had to manage our own infrastructure, but the environment made it hard to provision and load balance, and we had to do it manually. On top of that, we had to deal with countless customer support tickets because of downtime and poor performance. We knew that we needed to change, to minimize the management load so we could focus on building our brand and serving customers.” 

The team needed a highly available and highly performant platform and an ecommerce engine that could manage a large, multichannel transactional base and a reliable pricing structure.

Approach: Pantheon and Drupal for Speed and Efficiency 

Ergodyne adopted Drupal Commerce for its enterprise-level ecommerce and open-source community and Pantheon for its robust WebOps platform and Drupal support. 

The team took advantage of the move to Drupal Commerce by switching to a new payment gateway at a dramatically lower cost. It benefited from its highly customized UX, including a variety of easily tailored checkout pages.

Ergodyne reviewed the prospective web hosting providers by projecting ROI over five years. Pantheon came out on top with the most attractive cost ratio, extreme reliability, high-speed performance, and built-in performance monitoring. In addition, the team liked Pantheon’s partnership approach.


Pantheon wanted to work with us, partner with us, and help us succeed where the other companies cared more about the sale. 

- Mike Babcock, Senior Information Technology Manager, Ergodyne

The Ergodyne team gained the control they wanted, plus the ease of management that enabled them to concentrate on strategic improvements. 

The team then efficiently completed a Drupal 9 migration, enabling them to easily support extensively customized modules. Pantheon Advanced Global CDN supported the phased migration, including updating Drupal code and content and migrating WordPress content to Drupal. The migration was seamless to users thanks to Pantheon’s domain masking capabilities. 

Better access control solved credential security issues. Ergodyne efficiently assigned user and role-based access to team members, contractors, and channel partners. And Pantheon Secure Integration solved the problem of integrating Drupal with applications behind the firewall, including easy access to a major customer order servicing application. 

Built-in performance monitoring like New Relic supported Ergodyne’s Sprint methodology for continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). Dev-Test-Live with Git version control and a Bitbucket code repository completed the smooth collaboration workflow across multiple developer locations. 

Why Pantheon: Purpose-Built for the Enterprise 

Pantheon is purpose-built to support collaboration and workflow automation for DevOps teams and provides consistently high-performance levels on enterprise websites. 

Handshy said, “Our previous site was labor-intensive for us and frustrated our customers with downtime and slow page loads. Pantheon and Drupal wiped that away. We’re a leader and innovator in the safety industry, and now our website reflects our leadership position and high standards.” 

When the team has questions, Pantheon Diamond Tier support responds immediately with fast solutions. And Advanced Global CDN, along with Multizone Failover secures the site against intrusion or downtime. 

Any time we ran into an issue, Pantheon had a prebuilt solution for it. For the rare times when they didn’t, they rapidly elevated the issue to their technical team and resolved it very quickly. Pantheon’s platform out-of-the-box solves 95% of our problems. Their excellent support solves the rest.

- Ian Handshy, Developer at Ergodyne

Results: Performance Up; Management Time Down 

Spinning up new sites is so simple with Pantheon that Ergodyne easily does it in-house. In fact, Klein Tools, which acquired Ergodyne, was so impressed with Pantheon’s power and flexibility that it is adopting Pantheon as well. 

Before Pantheon, the Ergodyne team fielded frequent customer complaints about slow page loads and nonresponsive checkout. Since Pantheon, customer service tickets, both calls and emails, are virtually non-existent. 

Management time fell from 40% of an administrator’s weekly workload to 0%. Instead of spending time on web management tasks, the team now spends more time developing customer content in Drupal and quickly rolling out changes across its digital site. 

Ergodyne plans to deploy Pantheon and Drupal to nearly 30 additional sites. The company expects that automated management and workflows will allow them to redirect the labor time of two full-time website administrators to more strategic initiatives. 

“Ergodyne is a very innovative, forward-thinking company,” said Kevin Enke, Digital Technology Manager, Klein Tools. “Our website exists to get that message out there. Ecommerce is critically important, but our great educational content is the foundation of our digital platform. Since content drives awareness and sales and our products keep people safe, you could say that our website reflects our company mission.” 

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