Couch Coding: Terminus 1.0

Josh Koenig

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Greg Anderson

Open Source Contributor

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Webinar Details:

Pantheon released a newer, shinier version of our integrated command line—Terminus. Learn how to use the new build tools Terminus plugin and a GitHub pull request workflow to maintain a composer-based site with automated build tests. Check out this installment of Couch Coding to learn why you're missing out if you aren't on Terminus 1.x. 

Speakers: Josh Koenig, Greg Anderson

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why Command Line?

    Learn the benefits of taking a command line approach in your development.

  • Updating Scripts

    For current users, we’ll walk you through how to update any current scripts you have to the new version of Terminus.

  • Favorite Plugins

    Terminus comes with the capability to connect with all of your other dev tools. We’ll walk through some of our favorite examples.

  • Q&A

    We’ll take time to answer any specific questions you may have about Terminus, it’s integrations or how to perform specific actions.

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