Best Practice Site Architecture in D8

How to make the right decisions for your development plan.

Matthew Cheney

Co-Founder & Principal Developer Advocate

Mark Ferree

Director of Engineering, Chapter Three

About this webinar:

Drupal 8 offers developers many exciting new features to use in building websites. Have you tried configuration management? How about the new Symfony based routing system? Twig? Cache tags? Each of these systems is extremely powerful and will let you build websites like never before.

This webinar will cover the “how to” of building certain features in Drupal 8. Through showcasing a number of different wireframes and development plans for building Drupal 8 sites, attendees can learn exciting new ways to make magical websites.


What you’ll learn:

  • Drupal 8 Site Architecture

    How to Build Complex Web Functionality in Drupal 8

  • D7 vs D8

    Understand the Differences in Site Architecture

  • Tips & Tricks

    Advice for Development with Drupal 8

  • Real Examples

    How Do You Build X in Drupal 8?