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Agency Panel

Survive and Thrive Through Change

Anne Stefanyk

CEO, Kanopi Studios

Brian Thompson

Director of Web Engineering, Mindgrub

Marc Avila

Founder & CEO, 3 Media Web

Eddie O'Leary

Founder & President, COLAB

Drew Gorton

Director of Developer Relations

About this webinar:

The combination of COVID-19 and an economic downturn are impacting us all. Agencies are seeing shifting budgets, priorities, pipeline, and more. All of this change also brings opportunities in ways that may also be unexpected.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the open source agency community is our willingness to share learnings, problems and best practices with each other. With this, Pantheon is bringing together agency leaders to share pain points, business impact and the opportunities that they see starting to emerge from all the change around us.

Join leaders from Kanopi Studios, Mindgrub, COLAB, and 3MediaWeb as they speak with Pantheon Director of Developer Relations, Drew Gorton on an interactive virtual panel.

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