Pantheon will discontinue support for its built-in LocalDev feature on June 30, 2023.

We are making this change because in the years since we introduced LocalDev, a number of similar, more fully-featured options have become available to Developers, allowing offline development and code editing.

We are discontinuing LocalDev and providing guides and tools for customers to transition from Pantheon LocalDev to one of the many third-party solutions available.

June 30, 2023 End of Life FAQ's

On June 30, 2023, Pantheon will no longer support LocalDev and there is no planned development for this feature. We strongly encourage all customers to transition from LocalDev to another solution before this time.

In the years since we introduced LocalDev, a robust ecosystem of similar options has emerged, which we feel offer similar (and in some cases superior) features to LocalDev. 

Because our customers will be well-served by other options, we decided to discontinue support for LocalDev which will allow Pantheon to stay focused on features of the Pantheon platform that provide our customers with the most value, allowing them to create extraordinary websites.

There are many LocalDev alternatives available for use on Pantheon, such as: 

Generally, it is very straightforward to transition to a new environment such as Lando or DDEV. These solutions have a dedicated Pantheon integration, easing your team’s transition. Our Documentation has outlined everything that you need to know here.

No, Pantheon will not issue any LocalDev updates or security patches after the EOL date.

You should not, because LocalDev is no longer supported by Pantheon. Additionally, third-party downloads can be a common source of malware and viruses and could present a security risk to your organization.