Expedite Development with Localdev

Expedite development with an intuitive graphical interface, built on Lando, that makes it easy to edit code, access files and command line tools, and push changes to Pantheon right from your desktop. With parity to Pantheon's Serverless CMS environments, seamlessly develop and collaborate through Structured Agile Workflows.


Accelerate Development and Experimentation

Get the best of developing locally — with the ability to perform critical development tasks, including editing files and code, and pushing changes to Pantheon right from your desktop.

Access Comprehensive Development Tools

Drive development and management of all of your Pantheon sites with an intuitive graphical interface that offers easy access to local files, a command-line terminal, phpMyAdmin, logs, and more.

Collaborate with Structured Workflows

Seamlessly develop and collaborate with distributed colleagues through Structured Agile Workflows and parity to Pantheon's Serverless CMS environments.


Local Pull & Push

Preserve your development workflow with integrated support for pulling and pushing code, database, and files — both to and from Pantheon — without Git or the command line.

Launch Terminal

Access bundled command line tools like Composer, Terminus, Drush, and WP-CLI without manually installing or configuring them. Tools are sandboxed per site and pre-authenticated for a smooth experience.

Multidev Support

Drive collaboration by pushing directly to Multidev, Pantheon’s on-demand cloud development and productivity tool, backed by our environment consistency assurance. Branch, review, merge, and ship—without blockers.

Email Capture

Test site mail workflows safely using a web UI with the included MailHog integration. Catch outgoing mail from the site and read and manage those messages for debugging, without sending unwanted messages to users.


Perform database administration and direct SQL command execution entirely over the web, without having to rely on a standalone SQL tool, from the integrated phpMyAdmin instance.

Log Access

Test and debug intelligently with access to activity, console, and service logs available with configurable verbosity. Additional logs provided include PHP, nginx, Redis, SQL, and Solr.

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