Free HTTPS and Global CDN included with all plans

Amazon Hosting vs Pantheon

Use our dynamic calculator to analyze the cost of building your own hosting and development infrastructure versus migrating to Pantheon.

Not sure which plan is right for you? View technical specifications.

On Pantheon, plan service levels aren’t tied to physical servers, VMs, or VPSs. You pay per site based on the resources and features you need. You never pay for dev environments, you only pay when you go live.


/month per site


Small sites with a single developer that want the best tools and performance.

  • Up to 10,000 monthly pageviews

  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Free New Relic APM Pro
  • Nightly backups
  • Global CDN
  • Managed HTTPS


/month per site


Sites with more complex technical requirements.

  • Up to 100,000 monthly pageviews

All Personal Plan features plus:

  • Redis object cache
  • Solr full-text search service


/month per site


For teams with multiple developers or larger sites.

  • Up to 500,000 monthly pageviews

All Professional Plan features plus:

  • Full Stack Support: front & back end support, root cause analysis, and application performance support
  • On-demand environments for each developer
  • Branching and merging workflow

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For mission-critical or very large sites.

  • Millions of monthly pageviews

All Business Plan features plus:

  • 99.9% SLA-backed uptime
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Smooth scaling
  • Launch Guarantee: dedicated onboarding team & training
  • Pantheon Enterprise included 
free, with org dashboard, team collaboration tools, and more.

Features You’ll Never Pay for on Pantheon

The tools you need to keep your team productive, help you launch faster, and free you from hosting headaches.


All sites come with a New Relic APM Pro plan for free, a $400/mo+ value, giving you code-level visibility into your website’s performance.


All sites are distributed over a global network of POPs for sub-second pageloads and airtight security.


Say goodbye to cowboy coding. Our built-in workflow gives you dedicated environments to do work and review changes before deploying.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about the RAM and storage limit on plans?

Pantheon’s service levels aren’t tied to specific physical servers, VMs, or VPSs. Every site is distributed and runs across the platform. Our container-based architecture means that you don’t have to worry about OS-level limits like system RAM or CPUs. If you’re curious about PHP memory limits for your application processes, see our tech specs.

How does HTTPS work on Pantheon?

HTTPS is FREE and automated for all sites via Let’s Encrypt. Plus, we’ll manage your SSL certificates forever, no more renewal reminders.

If I go over my plan limit will I be charged overages?

No, we won’t charge you for overages! We know that your website is an important part of your business, and we want to make sure it keeps working well, even if you have unexpectedly high traffic for a month. If your site traffic climbs significantly above your plan level for an extended period of time we'll contact you about upgrading to the next tier, but we don't bill retroactively.

How many sites can I access with my account?

On Pantheon, your account is tied to your email address. When you login, you will be able to see all the sites that you’ve created or been added as a team member to. Plan levels are tied to a specific site. You can add as many team members as you like to a site.

How does getting my site onto the platform work?

For self-service plans, onboarding is DIY. We have plenty of documentation and videos to get you up to speed. Plus, when you’re ready to launch, our Launch Check tool will highlight common issues and give you recommendations on how to fix. If you want more help, Elite-level customers get a dedicated onboarding manager and launch team for guaranteed launch success.

Can I use a CDN?

All sites on Pantheon come pre-configured with Pantheon’s Global CDN powered by Fastly. No setup, no constant tinkering, just confidence that your site is running at light-speed across the globe. If you’d like to use your own CDN, you can. You do not need permission, action, or configuration from Pantheon to use a CDN. To learn more about using a CDN, see our docs.

What if I have lots of sites?

Organizations with lots of sites should consider Pantheon Enterprise, which gives you powerful tools not available with pay-per-site self-serve plans. Or, if you’re an edu, sign up for Pantheon for EDU. It’s free to use, and if you want even more great features you can upgrade to Pantheon for EDU+. If you’re an agency who bundles hosting with other services for your clients, check out our Reseller Program.

Learn more about the fastest hosting platform on the planet: The Pantheon Web Hosting Platform.

Looking to hire an agency?

Whether it’s time for a redesign or you need maintenance or support for your site, Pantheon’s network of over 2000 partner agencies can help. Provide us a few details about your project and we’ll connect you with one of our trusted agencies until you find the perfect match!

Contact Sales or call us at 855-927-9387