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High Availability

Uptime, all the time.

High availability means guaranteed uptime. If you go viral on Pantheon, you’ll never need to go offline while a server reboots. The platform covers all three of the critical points for high availability:

  • Achieving redundancy by removing single points of failure

  • Having reliable cross-over capabilities to switch between components

  • Detection of failures as they occur, so that cross-over can be initiated

Unlike hosting providers who measure uptime by network availability, Pantheon measures uptime with standards that matter to anyone who runs a mission-critical site. Uptime means your application container is running, it’s reachable on the internet, and it’s connected to the database and any other backing services. Even at these high standards, Pantheon crushes it.

Total Redundancy

Not only does having one large platform allow us to scale by distributing the load for running websites, but it also ensures resources can be obtained in many places. The same architectural features that give us Pantheon its Smooth Scaling capability also offer world-class redundancy to every site.

Reliable Crossover

High availability depends on safe and reliable crossovers. Pantheon’s systems automation allows complex multi-step processes to take place in precise, auditable order. This allows us to guard against “split brain” failures, cache incoherency, and the other pitfalls of poorly-executed high availability.

Instant Detection of Failure

With more than a million checks run a day at sub-minute frequency, our infrastructure is monitored at a resolution that most DevOps teams can only dream about. When trouble strikes, we’re alerted immediately. In most cases, an automated remediation is programmatically initiated.

100% Transparency

No other provider is as transparent about uptime as we are. We publish real-time statistics on site availability. The status page shows uptime across thousands of sites at all service levels running on the Pantheon platform. It’s a true measure of our platform’s reliability, and one we’re proud to make it visible to all.

Uptime Guaranteed

For customers who need an Enterprise-grade SLA, we'll contractually back your uptime.

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