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What's New at Pantheon

We’re committed to building the world's best website operations platform. Here’s what’s new this quarter.


What it is: Pantheon Autopilot automatically detects, applies, tests, and deploys updates for WordPress and Drupal. Visual regression testing (VRT) tools check to make sure that updates have not broken visual layouts or site functionality. Autopilot can be configured for frequency, type of updates, and destination where updates are applied.

Why you'll love it: Autopilot is an easy way to incorporate automation into your web operations. Save time and let the robots do the work!

How to get it: Autopilot requires Multidev, and is available to Pantheon Gold Accounts or higher. Follow the setup and configuration steps to get started.

New Pantheon Dashboard with Workspaces

What it is: Workspaces are the improved version of Pantheon's legacy dashboards. Pantheon’s features and actions are conveniently available in one place.

Why you'll love it: Workspaces enable agencies and organizations with multiple teams and multiple sites to organize their work efficiently.

How to get it: To access your Personal Workspace, log into your Pantheon account and then click the “Try the New Dashboard” link at the top. If you're a member of multiple Organizations, click the Organization’s name and icon in the upper left to switch between Workspaces.

Global CDN with Experience Protection

What it is: Deliver fast and resonant digital experiences to site visitors, even during an outage, with a blazing-fast content delivery network available to all our customers.

Why you'll love it: When it comes to digital experience, website speed, responsiveness, and availability are crucial. With Experience Protection, you can provide a seamless, uninterrupted experience for your site visitors. 

How to get it: No action required! Global CDN with Experience Protection is now enabled for all customers, at all account tiers.

Drupal 9 with Integrated Composer

What it is: The Pantheon platform enables and advances the latest version of Drupal.

Why you'll love it: Level up your Drupal development with built-in Composer and a modern, API-first architecture. Pantheon and Drupal 9 are a perfect pair for modern, agile teams who believe in the power of iteration and continuous improvement.

How to get it: Create a new site through the Pantheon dashboard or follow the migration guide to move an older Drupal site to Drupal 9.