Pantheon Training for Agencies

Learn the best ways to develop sites on Pantheon



Pantheon Essential Training for Agency Developers

Watch below to get an in-depth look at the way agencies benefit from our tools.
These six recommended tutorials will get you and your team up and running on the platform.

Jump around or take it from the top—these are learn-as-you-go videos!

Play Video: Getting Started with Pantheon


Learn the benefits Pantheon provides to agencies, along with an architectural overview of our platform, and our site and organizational dashboards.

Play Video:


Everything you need to know to get started with the Pantheon workflow: SFTP and Git modes, themes and custom plugins, and Dev, Test, and Live environments.

Play Video: Importing a Site into Pantheon


Learn how to best utilize Pantheon as a team of developers: using Git to track different lines of work, merging changes into the master branch, and hotfixing.

Play Video: Create a Site Archive for Import


Get started with Pantheon’s command line tool: using Terminus for normal development workflow, deploying changes and using scripts for local environments and continuous integration.

Play Video: Import a Drupal Site to Pantheon

Quicksilver Platform Hooks

Start automating your workflow with Pantheon’s cloud hooks: notifying your team of deployments via Slack, sanitizing developer databases, writing your own scripts.

Play Video: Basic Pantheon Workflow


Learn to build all sites from a common distribution of modules or plugins through Pantheon’s Custom Upstreams for agency partners.

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