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Best in WebOps Awards

Submissions Open October 17th

Recognizing and celebrating the most innovative leaders and teams who are embracing the tools and best practices of WebOps to create magic on the internet.

What Are the Best in WebOps Awards?

The Best in WebOps Awards, presented by Pantheon, provide anyone with the opportunity to showcase their commitment to delivering truly amazing digital experiences that create value for their organizations, enable transformative change, and unlock extraordinary performance. There will be two award categories—highlighting the best individuals and teams in WebOps.

The awards will be open for submissions October 17-December 12.

Share Your WebOps Story with the World

WebOps is a set of practices that facilitates collaboration, automates processes, and drives productivity for entire web teams. WebOps brings together developers, designers, marketing systems engineers, content editors, and other marketing roles. This enables cross-functional web teams to iteratively develop, test, and release website changes with agility.

We know that you’re doing extraordinary things with the help of WebOps. Now it’s time to share your WebOps story with others.

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Featured Past 2021 Winners

Get to know some of the award winners from last year’s Lightning Awards 2021, which is now the new and improved Best in WebOps Awards presented by Pantheon. Read on to learn how they drove innovation, impact, and productivity at their organizations and in the open web.