Gutenberg Webinar Series

Pantheon chats with WordPress community leaders about the Gutenberg editor.

Five Webinars for WordPress 5.0

A new WYSIWYG editor is coming to WordPress and it is widely expected to be a revolutionary change in the way sites are used, designed, built, and extended. Just keeping up with all of the changes is difficult.

Follow along as the Pantheon Developer Relations team discusses the new Gutenberg editor with leaders in the WordPress community.

In this series:

Introduction to Gutenberg

with expert trainor Joe Casabona

Learn the ins and outs of using the new editor with Joe Casabona, creator of an online introductory course on Gutenberg.

Designing Gutenberg

with Automattic product designer Mel Choyce

Gutenberg's design brings modern minimalism to WordPress. Hear from an Automattic product designer Mel Choyce about how Gutenberg was designed and how you can make the most of it when designing your clients' sites.

Extending Gutenberg

with Josh Pollock of Caldera Labs

One of WordPress' biggest strengths is its plugin ecosystem. Josh Pollock of Caldera Labs will share how to convert existing shortcodes into Gutenberg Blocks.

Get your sites ready for Gutenberg

with wp-cli maintainer Daniel Bachhuber

Quell the uncertainty around how Gutenberg will affect your sites by testing now. Join wp-cli maintainer Daniel Bachhuber for a review of strategies to prepare your sites.

Keeping up with Gutenberg

with Birgit Pauli-Haack, creator of Gutenberg Times

Gutenberg development is moving fast. Birgit Pauli-Haack, creator of Gutenberg Times, will discuss how she tracks changes in an evolving codebase and community.

Series Webinar

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