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Total Economic Impact Calculator

Find out how to manage your growing portfolio of websites more efficiently.

Answer the questions to receive a custom report of your organization’s projected ROI of deploying Pantheon’s Website Portfolio Management.

The calculator and results are based on Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study and provides a framework for your company to evaluate the impact of Website Portfolio Management.

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Current Team

How big is the IT/Operations/Development Operations team that currently supports your web infrastructure?


How many web developers and digital marketers support or are responsible for updating/maintaining the sites within your portfolio?


How often do you use external resources (agencies, contractors, subcontractors, freelancers) for site development?

  • Rarely. We hardly ever use external resources for site development. 0.5
  • Sometimes. We sometimes use external resources for site development. 1
  • Often. We often use external resources for site development. 1.5

How do you anticipate your digital marketing team growing over the next three years?

  • Little to no growth. We anticipate little-to-no growth in our digital marketing team. 0
  • Some growth. We anticipate some modest growth in our digital marketing team. 0.2
  • Fast growth. We anticipate fast growth for our digital marketing team. 0.4
  • Agressive growth. We anticipate huge growth for our digital marketing team. 0.6
Current Website Portfolio

How many websites are you managing today?


Manage a few sites? Get more accurate results
 with the small portfolio calculator.

Manage between 3 & 50 sites?

Please contact us for a custom consultation.

Heads Up!
We recommend trying our small portfolio calculator.

What is your current annual spend on website infrastructure, including license fees?


Is your current website infrastructure on-premise or in the cloud?

  • On-Premise 120000
  • In the Cloud 0

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