A Better Answer to WordPress Hosting

Faster sites, no sysadmin required.

In a test conducted in January of 2015, Pantheon came out on top among 16 hosting providers who claim to have an optimized runtime for WordPress. We had the fastest average response time, with zero errors under the heaviest load. Read the review.

Pantheon has all the stuff I’d be looking for in a WordPress host: awareness of the application stack, focus on scaling, CLI access, rsync, etc.

How Are We Different Than WordPress Hosting?

Hosting is just part of what we do. With Pantheon, you get hosting plus a ton of features that no hosting provider offers.

Developer Dashboard
Manage all your websites, see developer activity, and apply portfolio-wide fixes, and set role-based access from a single dashboard.

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One-Click Core Updates
Update WordPress core with a single click to stay on top of website performance and security.

Security features

Continuous Integration
Integrate code and release often—develop on the platform or use Git for version control. Each site comes with identical dev, test, and live environments.

Version control and workflow

Automated DevOps
Free yourself from server maintenance. Pantheon automates sysadmin work so you can focus on WordPress development.

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Advanced Caching
Varnish and Redis are built into the platform to provide high-speed edge caching and robust application caching.

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Backup & Retention
Automatic daily and weekly backups of your websites, stored in redundant offsite locations.

Security overview

Protect Yourself from Performance Issues

With most hosting providers, you run the risk of downtime when traffic spikes or other sites hog shared resources. On Pantheon, you can scale to millions of pageviews without affecting performance. The platform’s container-based infrastructure makes it far more reliable than VMs or clusters.

The best tools for driving performance are built into Pantheon's platform. Varnish and Redis provide high-speed edge caching and robust application caching, while New Relic powers application performance monitoring. The platform's infrastructure is optimized for speed and uptime in a container-based Linux environment—see why we chose to use containers over widely-used virtual machines.

Use the Best Developer Tools

Never underestimate the power of great workflow. Log in to your Developer Dashboard, where you can practice continuous integration and deploy code safely to the live environment.

For the most part, hosting WordPress sites on Pantheon is a dream for developers. Their command line tools and git-based development deployments, and automatic dev, test, live environments (with the ability to have multiple dev environments on some tiers) are powerful things.

Launch Your Next Site with Confidence

Be sure you're ready to launch with WordPress Launch Check, a quick, built-in status report that detects site problems. Catch things like misconfigured caching, potential security vulnerabilities, and plugin performance issues and correct them before they affect production. If you're not a Pantheon user yet, sign up now or get the WP-CLI version from GitHub.

Work at a WordPress Agency?

You'll want to head over to Pantheon for Agencies and sign up. You get the full-featured version of Pantheon for free—when you're ready to deploy a site, invite the client to pay directly on the platform. Even if you're just one developer who does client work, we consider you an agency.

Contact Sales or call us at 855-927-9387