Website Development for Teams

Drupal and WordPress Cloud Development Environments

Pantheon Multidev for Dev Teams

Speed up development and prototyping for any site by creating multiple cloud development environments for your feature branches and developers. Multidev is cloud development environments for teams. Multidev allows a developer to fork the entire stack (code and content), work independently, then merge the code changes back into the master. Each forked branch will have its own separate development environment, including database and files.

Iterate at Top Speeds, No Surprises.

Goodbye, local setups. Each cloud development environment has the same configuration and performance characteristics as the live site and is available in seconds. Multidev saves large projects from "death by a thousand local environments". Onboard new developers in 30 seconds flat. Everyone automatically follows a best-practice workflow, right from the Pantheon dashboard.

Multidev Benefits

  • Easy workflow. Developers on your team can use a standardized best-practice development workflow in the cloud through their dashboard.

  • No more surprises. Each developer on your team gets their own cloud development environment with the same configuration and stack as the live environment. Multidev makes it easy to keep in sync with both code from every team member and content updates from any environment. As a result, deployments become surprisingly predictable.

  • A fork for every developer on your team. Multidev gets new developers started quickly; you can’t have too many cooks in a Multidev kitchen.

Multidev, a standard feature for Business and Enterprise customers, is also available for free to all Pantheon Allies and Partners. Use it free for any site, at any size or plan level.