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Take advantage of full-text website search delivered as a service.

Pantheon provides a blazingly fast full-text website search experience for your WordPress and Drupal sites. Pantheon Search works out of the box for Drupal 6, 7 and 8 and WordPress sites. We don’t charge extra for this hosted service because that would be crazy. We think every website should have a great search experience. Pantheon Search is:

  • Apache Solr v3.6

  • Delivered as a service for Drupal 6, 7 and 8 and all WordPress sites

  • 100% SSD index storage (= super fast)

  • Simple to setup, easy to configure

  • Isolated indexes for each dev, test and production environment

  • Available on Performance and Elites site hosting plans, and to sandbox sites for configuration and testing

No Software, No Servers, No Headaches

Pantheon Search is built into our platform and delivered as a service. We manage the Solr servers, the 100% solid state drives that store all indexes, and we optimize all aspects of the search stack so you can focus your time on optimizing results pages and filters. No administration is necessary.

Apache Solr on Pantheon

Apache Solr is a popular open source system built on the Lucene engine for indexing and searching website content. Pantheon provides Apache Solr v3.6 as a service. We manage a cluster of fast Solr index servers that communicate with your site via these popular Drupal modules:

and this WordPress plugin:

For most sites, the apachesolr module and the WordPress plugin are the easiest to configure and maintain, and includes functionality like facets and other great features.

If you haven't used Solr before, the technology is easy to explore when you create a  free Pantheon account. Just spin up a site with built-in Solr integration. Now you’re using Solr on your site. You never had to do a full installation or configure the search stack. 

Faceted Search For Drupal and WordPress Sites

Faceted search expands on simple search, allowing your users to refine results by attributes such as date, price, author, location, or content type.

Faceted search has become a critical feature for enhancing findability and the user search experience for all types of applications. Faceted search is a common technique for organizing content because it allows users to easily narrow and refine search results. 


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