Pantheon + New Relic® Performance Monitoring

A Match Made in WebOps Heaven

New Relic APM Pro Included on Pantheon Sites

On Pantheon, most plans come with free New Relic APM Pro, giving you code-level visibility into your website’s performance. Track releases, investigate query performance, and identify areas for improvement with the best-in-class software analytics tool suite.

Maximize Performance

Why Every Developer Should Use New Relic

Use New Relic’s reporting to get end-to-end visibility into your website’s performance. Drill down and see the impact of specific modules or plugins, and troubleshoot, down to the function call, specific transaction bottlenecks. Flag deployments in New Relic to monitor performance over time.

Quickly Identify Issues

See Exactly What's Slowing Your Site Down

Instantly see what's hampering your website–whether it's slow or uncached transactions, slow SQL queries, or problematic cron-based transactions. Identify when a problem with your site is due to hardware or software, and whether it’s a server or browser issue.

Set Up Alerts

Spot Problems Before Going Live

On Pantheon, you get New Relic on every environment–Multidev environments, Dev, Test, and Live, so you can spot performance issues before they go live and debug them quickly and effectively.


Is it really free?
Yes. All sites on a Performance plan or higher, get a New Relic APM Pro plan for free! You get access to New Relic Pro indefinitely, your plan will not downgrade to Lite.

How do I get New Relic Pro for my sites?
If you don’t have a free Pantheon account, sign up, create a site, and enable New Relic with one click via the dashboard. If you already have an account, all your existing sites have automatically been upgraded to the Pro plan, and you can enable New Relic for any new sites you create.

How does New Relic work?
To learn more about New Relic, visit our docs.

How can I learn more about optimizing my website’s performance?
Sign up for our webinar on using New Relic on Pantheon here.

Learn More

Webinar Recording

Pantheon + New Relic:
Monitor Your Entire Web Stack

Speakers: Josh Koenig, Marco Marquez

What you'll learn:

  • Monitor Performance
  • Diagnose Issues
  • Resolve Problems
  • Track Changes

Website Performance Monitoring 101

Troubleshoot web performance issues and delight users everywhere.

What you'll learn:

  • What to look for in a performance monitoring tool
  • Web performance best practices
  • Why big brands and agencies are using Pantheon + New Relic to monitor and optimize every web experience

These World-Class Web Teams Trust Pantheon

There's no better platform for building websites than Pantheon and there's no better way to measure our web performance than New Relic.

Eric Peterson, Marketing Systems Engineering, Tableau

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