Drupal and WordPress hosting plus workflow and automation tools.

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The New Standard for Drupal and WordPress

An integrated set of tools to build, launch, and run websites.


Optimized to deliver the best performance for your sites. We consistently outperform competitors in performance benchmarks.


A suite of tools and best practice workflows to supercharge your developers and keep your team happy.


Rest easy knowing a world-class team of Drupal and WordPress developers is always available to help.


The Fastest Hosting on the Planet

A finely tuned, container-based system that gives you unmatched performance.


Pantheon delivers the fastest page load speeds for Drupal and WordPress sites. We smoke the competition in independent benchmarks.


You get reliable uptime for your sites, even at high traffic. And for important sites, our Elite plans offer guaranteed uptime backed by an SLA.


Our container-based platform is more efficient and reliable than VMs or clusters. Harness the same cutting-edge technology used by companies like Google, Salesforce, and Facebook.


Scale your site easily without downtime or infrastructure migration, and handle traffic spikes like an enterprise boss without breaking a sweat.

Drupal Hosting - response time in seconds See the report

  • AWS 8.3
  • Acquia® .18
  •  Pantheon 0.05

WordPress Hosting - response time in seconds See the report

  • GoDaddy .43
  • WP ENGINE .42
  • Pantheon.26

(Shorter is better).

Integrated, Free CDN

All sites on Pantheon are backed by our Global CDN to ensure optimal site performance and superior security. Thanks to a partnership with Fastly’s edge cloud platform, Pantheon sites are distributed from 40+ points of presence around the world. The only way to automatically get your site delivered faster than lightspeed across the globe is to run it on Pantheon. Global CDN gives you sub-second pageloads, free and managed HTTPS, and global reach for no additional charge.

Smooth Scaling

Traditional hosting offers a range of architectures based on website size and traffic. Your website can only scale after someone resizes a server and overhauls your infrastructure.

On Pantheon, scaling is easy and immediate. When your website needs to scale, the platform provisions new containers for you in seconds.

As you develop, be confident that any changes you deploy will perform exactly as you expect when you scale to millions of users in production. Pantheon is the only platform that guarantees your code will work the same in the Dev, Test, and Live environments.

Elastic Hosting


    One-click core updates, no server management, and the highest performance possible.


    The fastest caching solution for Drupal and WordPress with full page caching and granular cache control built-in.


    All sites on Pantheon are distributed over a global network of servers to keep page loads below a second and security airtight. NEW


    Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability make Pantheon the best place to host WordPress sites.


    Free yourself from server maintenance. Pantheon automates sysadmin work so you can focus on development.


    SSL/TLS certificates are issued free and automatically on Pantheon, and certificates never expire. NEW


    Scale to millions of pageviews without affecting performance on our container-based infrastructure.


    Over a million checks a day trigger alerts to any potential performance issues.

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Spend all the time you want in dev—you only pay when you go live.

Developer Tools for the Modern Age

Powerful tools and best practice workflows to supercharge your development efficiency.

Pre-Configured Staging Environments and Version Control Out of the Box

Workflow Graphic

Dev, Test, and Live environments

Run a continuous integration workflow out of the box. Every site includes a Dev, Test, and Live environment connected by version control. Each has its own database, file system connection, and URL. Because each environment is a replica of the others, when your code works in Dev you know it will work in Live. Our best practice workflow helps you launch faster and collaborate with ease.


Cloud development environments

Multidev allows you to fork your entire stack (code and content), work independently, then merge changes back into the master. Each branch is an entire development environment with the same configuration as the live site.


Automate Your Workflow and Integrate with Your Favorite Tools

Dashboard or CLI

Dashboard or command line, it’s your call

One dashboard has all you need—connections via SFTP or Git, one-click deployment, automated backups, and Drupal and WordPress updates. Or use Terminus, Pantheon’s command-line interface. Anything you can do in the Developer Dashboard you can also do on Terminus. Automate tasks and access Drush and WP-CLI.

Favorite Tools

Automate and integrate with your favorite tools

Use our Cloud Integration Tools to post notifications to Slack, automatically trigger a build with your CI system after syncing to Test, or clear CDN caches on deploy. With Cloud Integration Tools, you can integrate with almost any tool via simple webhooks and streamline your team’s work with automated workflows.


Monitor and Optimize Every Web Experience

Monitor and Optimize Every Web Experience

On Pantheon, all sites come with a free New Relic APM Pro plan, giving you code-level visibility into your website’s performance. Track releases, drill down and see the impact of specific modules or plugins, and troubleshoot, down to the function call, specific transaction bottlenecks with the best-in-class software analytics tool suite.

New Relic

Full-Text Search

Full-Text Search

Solr Search is built into our platform and delivered as a service. We manage the Solr servers, the 100% solid state drives that store all indexes, and optimize all aspects of the search stack so you can focus your time on optimizing results pages and filters.

Solr Search

Developer Tools


    Every site comes with identical Dev, Test, and Live environments.


    All sites come with a free New Relic APM Pro plan, giving you code-level visibility into your site’s performance.


    Built-in hardened security features. Secure infrastructure, encrypted channels, and least-privilege user access.


    Use Terminus to access the complete platform functionality from the command line.


    Find out in seconds if your site is ready to launch.


    GitHub, CircleCI, Slack, Jira—Integrate Pantheon with the tools and technologies you already know and love. NEW


    Pantheon’s Multidev allows you to easily create feature branches for all your sites.


    Automate your team’s workflow and integrate Pantheon with your favorite apps and services.


    Blazing fast full-text search with Apache Solr built into the platform and delivered as a service.

Best-in-class Support

Get support from actual Drupal and WordPress developers, on your schedule.


Support from Drupal and WordPress Experts

Our support team is staffed by Drupal and WordPress developers, not call-center script readers. Get help from someone who has solved dozens of problems just like yours and knows Drupal and WordPress inside out. Our web and CMS performance experts are always on deck to quickly identify the root causes and recommend a solution. And since our team knows Drupal and WordPress as well as they know the platform, there’s no finger-pointing between your website and our platform.


24x7 Chat Support from Developers

Get questions answered even faster with chat support, available 24/7. Chat support is available for all users on the platform, regardless of plan level. Rest easy knowing Pantheon’s team of Drupal and WordPress developers is available to help round-the-clock.



Guaranteed Launch Success

All Elite plans come with Pantheon’s Launch Guarantee. You get a dedicated onboarding manager who will guide you through training, traffic and launch planning, load testing, and more. Our onboarding team will make sure your site launch is successful.

  • Training and onboarding
  • Traffic and launch planning
  • Load testing
  • Performance analysis
  • Cache configuration and testing
  • Go-live support

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This is the new way to build and manage websites. 

The workflow, the speed, the simplicity – it all just works.

Chris Staton, Head of Creative, AdRoll