Drupal 8 Configuration on Pantheon

Configuration & Code: Harmony at Last


Professional Sites: No PHP coding Required

It’s never been easier to configure your way to a professional Drupal site. With the most comprehensive core ever and complete ability to manage configuration alongside code, real, complex sites are possible with Pantheon, Drupal, and a custom theme delivered with Twig (using HTML and CSS)—no PHP coding necessary.

Less custom PHP means faster prototyping, simpler major upgrades, and better security.

Professional Sites: No Git Knowledge Required

SFTP development on Pantheon is a powerful tool for quick fixes and easy version control, allowing team members to commit and merge right from the dashboard. With configuration management, this tool is now even more powerful through support of exported configuration. Install modules, edit a theme, and commit configuration -- all from one easy-to-use, visual interface.

Collaboration With Confidence

Using Multidev, individual site developers can add fields, modules, views, themes, and custom PHP within their own isolated Pantheon environments. Changes made in each environment can seamlessly receive, review, and merge into the main dev environment. It’s the power of code collaboration tools, now for configuration.

Code Depending on Configuration? Configuration Depending on Code? No Problem.

With configuration management, you can now install a module that provides a new field, configure a view to display that field, and update the theme to style it, all as one reviewable change in git. No longer will site developers find a mismatch between the expectations of code and configuration.

Comprehensive Testing

With the partial exceptions of Features and manual update hooks, there has never been a reliable way to confidently dry-run a deployment. With configuration management and Pantheon’s integrated test environment, a couple clicks show not just the latest code on top of the latest production data but also the intended configuration changes.


Compliance often requires strict control of the production environment, including code review by security-savvy members of the project. Change Management on Pantheon has long offered the ability to lock down deployment and reviews. Now, combined with Drupal’s configuration management, a pre-deployment review can audit configuration changes just as much as code and theme changes.

And, after a deployment happens, an administrator can audit the active configuration against the authorized one managed in code.

Start Your Drupal 8 Projects on Pantheon Today

For years you’ve seen the platform designed for Drupal, now see the Drupal designed for the platform.